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What Is Sa in Legal Terms

Workers likely to be affected by the dismissal, or their workplace forum, a registered trade union or elected representatives, or any person elected on the basis of a collective agreement. Not everyone can afford the fees and expenses charged by lawyers. Various forms of legal aid are available to these individuals, by . B pro bono legal services, legal aid counselling, legal clinics, justice centres and legal insurance. CIVIL CASES: occurs when there is a dispute between people. Legal action or application proceedings may be continued. A prosecution occurs when a subpoena is issued by the sheriff on behalf of the plaintiff (the aggrieved person) to the defendant (the offender). Pleadings are exchanged (these are documents that present a person`s version of events). Once the pleading phase is over (which lasts a few months), the trial begins, in which the plaintiff, defendant and his witnesses testify, and a judgment (in favor or against the plaintiff) follows. An application procedure exists when the court`s judgment is based on supporting documents and affidavits – the plaintiff (the aggrieved person) and the defendant (the wrongdoer) go to court and present legal arguments without making oral statements. One of the main advantages of the public limited company is that it establishes the company as a legal entity, thus limiting the personal liability of the owners for the shares of the company.

A document that usually triggers legal proceedings. The spouses have their own property, which includes property and debts acquired before and during the marriage (“what belongs to me, and what belongs to you is yours”). Each spouse is liable separately to his or her creditors. Before marriage, a marriage contract must be concluded that demonstrates that the marriage is excluded from the community of property. Minimum requirements for workers in a particular sector and region, e.B taxis, cleaning services, domestic workers, civil engineering, apprenticeship, wholesale and retail trade, agricultural workers, private security, etc. Both husband and wife are guardians of a child born of marriage; the mother of an illegitimate child is the guardian, unless the father acquires guardianship, for example by living in a permanent civil partnership with the mother; or the court may appoint a guardian. Guardianship includes the protection of the property or interests of the child; representation of the child in legal matters; and consent to marriage, adoption, expulsion from South Africa or passport application. The person who takes legal action against another. An S.A. is a type of business structure that establishes a company as a legal entity that owns and transfers assets, enters into contracts and can be held liable for criminal offences. Some of its main advantages are that it limits the personal liability of the owners for the shares of the company and ensures the continuity of moral unity without depending on the lives of the founders, owners or shareholders. A test was used to decide what a normal person would have done in the given circumstances in that particular situation.

The person against whom legal action has been brought. Includes the protection of the child`s property or property interests; representation of the child in legal matters; and consent to marriage, adoption, expulsion from South Africa or passport application. This is a court order that prevents the defendant from inflicting domestic violence on the plaintiff and can be provisional or final. The protection order may contain certain conditions that a defendant must comply with, for example. B, the protection order may indicate that the defendant cannot contact the complainant or address the complainant. NATIONAL CREDIT SUPERVISORY AUTHORITY: This is an independent body that regulates the credit sector. It is established under the National Credit Act to manage disputes; register lenders, credit agencies and debt advisors; and ensuring that consumer rights are protected, among others. A written agreement on working conditions or other matters of mutual interest between registered trade unions, employers and/or registered employers` organisations.

If the employee enters into an agreement with his or her employer to be fired, do not demand unfair dismissal and do not demand additional compensation in exchange for payment of a package of reductions that includes his or her severance pay, vacation, other legally eligible wages and additional benefits. An agreement on the acceptance of the voluntary offer of discounts will enter into force. A child whose parents were married to each other at the time of conception of the child or at any time after the birth of the child. REQUEST: Claim for compensation from the Fund. If an employee is eligible, they will receive compensation subject to the amount of their disability. CRIMINAL MATTER: occurs when there is criminal activity. The trial is as follows: a crime is committed, the case is reported to the police, the investigation is conducted by an investigator, and the evidence is handed over to the national prosecutor`s office, which decides whether to prosecute or dismiss the case. If the trial continues, an arrest warrant or subpoena will be issued for the defendant to appear in court.

A trial begins when there is evidence and a verdict follows (fine, imprisonment or both). unwanted sexual attention, behaviour, suggestions, messages or remarks that insult, intimidate or humiliate the complainant; a promise or reward for sexual acts; or a sexual threat. Document issued by the court authorizing the police to arrest the accused. The actual arrest is delayed until the defendant fails to comply with a court-ordered condition. The outcome of the criminal proceedings that was concluded and the defendant was found guilty of the alleged offence. Decision of a court that settles a dispute and establishes the rights and obligations of the parties (e.B. payment of money). A verdict is the last part of a court case. .

RENTAL OF GOODS: when a consumer owns and uses goods while making the payment of rent with interest and / or fees, the order is suspended (put on hold) at a later date and does not start running again. . The employee will get his job back as if he had never been fired. Includes intent to cause damage or negligence that caused damage. In comparison, the limited partnership consists of limited partners (also called sleeping or silent partners) and active partners. .